+ one-Year warranty on devices

We provide devices with a one-year warranty. You will receive the warranty card along with the order.

+ Service maintenance

Our authorized service center is ready to help you solve problems with the operation and maintenance of the purchased device.

+ Certified product

We care about the quality of our products, so all products presented in the online store have passed certification and / or have a Declaration of conformity. For your convenience, all annotations are written in Russian.

Attention! In accordance with article 502 The civil code of the Russian Federation and article 25 of the law "on consumer protection" for the return of goods of improper quality is given 2 weeks. If a manufacturing defect is detected, our customers can exchange the product within 30 days after purchase.

Warranty service

We take full responsibility for solving all problematic situations. If you believe that your device is not working properly, please contact us toll-free at 8 (800) 333 20 53 or write an email to We will answer all your questions and help you solve your product problem.

If the warranty case is confirmed, the defective product will be repaired or replaced. The refund and exchange procedure is listed below.

Non-guaranteed cases

The store's and manufacturer's mandatory warranty does not apply to:

mechanical damage to the product caused by the user;

damage to the product as a result of inappropriate (improper) use, incorrect connection or other use not provided by the manufacturer;

damage to goods as a result of natural disasters and other emergencies;

damage to the product due to non-compliance of the technical means available to the user with the declared characteristics necessary for proper operation of the device;

damage to the packaging, documentation, or serial number on the device;

loss of personal data and unique settings;

natural physical wear and tear of the product;

other damage to the product caused by the user.

The right of exchange and return

Contact us toll-free at 8 (800) 333 20 53 or email us at

Tell us about the problem so that we can solve it quickly.

If you can't fix the problem, you should exchange or return the product. Customers in Yaroslavl need to bring it to our office or pay for courier delivery. Customers from the regions of the Russian Federation can transfer the goods to the transport company SDEK, which will deliver it to Yaroslavl.

The service team will identify the cause of the problem, this process will take from 1 to 10 business days.

Based on the results of service diagnostics, you can exchange or return the defective product.

In case of an exchange of goods, we pay for delivery and bring you a new or repaired copy;

If the product is returned, we will refund you in full within five business days by Bank transfer or in cash (depending on the payment format of the order). The cost of initial delivery is not compensated.